She Hurts the Boys.

I guess it started maybe ten years back. We're now married almost forty yrs. She was performing oral sex on me and did somthing new. She took both of the boys into her mouth and sucked real hard. It felt like they were going to pop. It progressed from there to squeezing, slapping to kneeing which scares me that she'll do permanent damage. I wouldn't see it comming.She does most of this on the spur of the moment. I have come to, in some sick weird way, like this giving control of my body to her.

It has come to this.

Last Fri I called her and told her I was going out after work with the guys for a few beers. She said Ok but I could hear some dissatisfaction in her voice. I went and had 4 beers in just a couple of hrs. went home. The light were low as was the music. She was wearing somthing frilly and see thru as she lead me to our room. Told me to lay back as she blindfolded me, pretty hot right? She'd give me some oral then a little at a time tied me to our 4 poster. We had played at tying each other up alot before, so no biggie. I thought she was being a little more thourogh than usual. She took the blindfold off, She put a slip knot around my balls and tied it to the foot of the bed,streching them farther than you'd think they would go. I start to complain about circulation she started to tape around my head with stretch tape.She pinched my nose closed when I opened my mouth to breath she forced a wad of tape in and wrapped it in place a lot tighter. She said nothing in all this time. Smiles and then and punched me 3 times very hard in the balls. I cried tears it hurt so very bad. She untied them from the footboard and loosened the knot some,saying the looked bad and she left the room.I started to feel better in a few minutes. No sooner had I caught my breath,she came back tightened the knot tied them off again and punched my aching balls 5 or 6more times I think I passed out. I cried and cried and cried sniveling like a baby  cried somemore. God it hurt !!With out untieing my balls she sucked me to ****** spit my own *****  in my face and said don't do it again. I hurt for 3 days. I won't do it again ...she now knows she owns me... I'm fu cked.

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I take my brother by his balls all the time. He laughs but bends and does exactly what I tell him or I squeeze one. I read about how to trap testicles in a karate book. I take them and twist them around one time and then squeeze both of them. The twist keeps them from escaping when I squeeze, they don't slip away. I can feel his balls give in like they are going to rupture open. They get flat !! When I dig my fingers into the meat of the ball it really hurts him and pinching the cord right where it attaches to the end of each nut floors him for a long time. His balls have gotten very full and round and huge. They produce a lot of junk and it shoots a long way !!! We tried to see how far we could shoot it one day. I put it in me and tensed up over and over for about two minutes then I took it out and jacked it some and he started to come. I squeezed it hard and let him pulse a few times then released it and it shot across the room and hit the wall (about 10 feet). One time I held it firm and he came and I did not let it come out and he groaned and begged me to get it out. I held tight and it never came out, I don't know where it went???? Then he made me pump it out for real and it finally came out and shot out. I noticed that now when I hit them or kick them he reacts violently !! Big balls are very tender and make a LOT of stuff.

Such an obviously fake story, "Tina". I doubt you're even a woman.

My ex used to be mean like that. Kind of miss that.

I asked my boyfriend if he had ever been ruptured in front of other people and felt embarrassed at not being able to get up off the ground?? He said no, he would fight going down and could control the pain. We were in the mall. I reached over and hit his balls with the side of my hand real fast. He tried to stay on his feet for a few moments then sank down and curled up tight and said "you *****". I laughed and said so get up. He stayed there for 15 minutes curled up tight and people walked by laughing at him and I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled at them. They "all" knew that he was ball hurt. He finally got up and I said why didn't you control the pain, huh?? He said I hit him to hard. I reminded him that balls are balls and he has nothing to say about the pain. When a girl hits them, the guy is screwed. I also reminded him how easy it is to hit or kick them and that he should always treat me good. He agreed.

Why are you wasting our time?

ha ha, eat me funny guy.

If you were actually a girl, I would. Especially if your stories were real. But I can tell the difference...

Wow !! She is mean. I thought I was bad??!! I used to hit and kick my brothers when they were not expecting it and laughed when they hit the floor and could not get up. I finally took a shower with my big brother when I was 8 and saw and felt balls for the first time and then realized why guys go down so easy. I could paralyze him by squeezing and not really that hard. I jerked my knee up into them real hard just to see what happens to them and he fell to his knees in the shower. I bent down and felt them and one was jammed up inside him !!!! He showed me how to push it back down then I had fun making the pain go away then I experimented with his balls. I pushed them up inside him and watched them fall back down into the bag, they were huge. After he got hard and I mean real big and hard i rubbed on it until stuff shot out all over me, this was so cool and I did it too him over and over and he expained about guys recharging and how the balls made this stuff. I was facinated.


Obedience is a Must !! If he does not obey he will get a case of blue balls and no sex or release for days. He has been trough this and wants no more of it. <br />
I guess there is a degree of humiliation present but I do not belittle him to much. I think having a wife 1/2 his size boss him around and controlling his manhood is bad enough (he loves it) <br />
Punish:<br />
If he is not attentive enough I say "Present" (he drops his pants and presents his balls) I grab them (thumb and fore finger at top of sack, meeting in back, balls in my palm) I look him in the eye as I squeeze his balls and scold him for not paying enough attention to me. I also do this if he needs to be reminded who is in charge and control. He gets the messages. LoL<br />
Tease:<br />
I love to tease his balls in public! We were walking on a downtown street and I just doubled up my fist and WHAP right is his sack ! He buckled but could do nothing as we were in public! Or if we are at dinner I get a hold of the man berries while he is ordering ! What a riot! <br />
Third , I let him watch me get dressed in sexy underwear, he can look but no touch and he has to be naked...daaa! I tell him about all the hot sex we could have and what I will do to him ...IF......(I grab his balls very firm) he completes my LIST over the weekend! The look on his face is priceless!!! I have him by his blue balls! He always completes the list and we enjoy great wild sex! <br />
<br />
I love to control the boys ! (he loves it too)

are you sure your not my wife's sister? every friday night I have to put them in her hand, she lets me know how bad her week was and what needs to get done that weekend. If all goes good sunday she strings up the boys and has me please her first. if things don;t get done to her liking they still get strung up but no release and I walk a little funny for 3 days.

I too have my husband by the balls. <br />
Most of the time it is playful fun. I tease him with hot talk and dress sexy then get a hold of his balls with a good grip. I tease I will hurt him. He is putty in my hands! He obeys and I get my way every time! (the oral for me is great to) Once in a while I have to bring a sharp knee up to his manhood to bring him down a notch but mostly a tight grip and a threat of more pain and no sex works just fine. <br />
He says that since I control when he **** his O's are very intense. Also since I have taken "control" our sex life is better as I think of it almost every day and dream up new ways to tease him.

This sounds fantastic, I would love to know how else you tease and punish, do you insist on obedience, do you humiliate?

Get ready for more, bro. Now that she's had a taste of that power, she'll only want more. Hope you got a bag of frozen peas in the freezer or something!

I'm 6'2" 210. work-out former amature boxer 32 and 2. Am thought of as some one you just don't **** with both at work,where I'm lead union steward for 340 hard nose teamsters and drive Big Trucks ,and on the street with my Harley buds. The lil' Mrs has me by the balls in every sense of the word.