Ridden Hard And Put Up Wet!

Let me first say, I’ve broke my wife’s neck during sex. As well, she will draw blood from biting into my shoulder and chest. We’re on our forth bed, having broken the others. There are many other “incidents” yet rough sex is not sought as a means unto itself but it’s where at times we end up in the passion of the moment. Nor are we into rough play as a BDSM event or a by design. It is however another variant on the same theme in our life, passionate sex.

That said, I know given my size both in body and appendage, I have to be careful. I’m over a foot taller and nearly a hundred pounds (she want tell me exactly) heavier. Over the years she’s gotten use to the appendage. LOL.

I bring up this subject because this past week I hurt my elbow pivoting above my wife in a modified pile drive. The nurse asked, “How did you hurt your arm?” “I was leaning on my elbow trying to get into something” I replied. This in turned reminded me of my wife’s response when people learn she has a metal plate in her neck; “how’d you do that” they will ask. “Passionate sex!” she would jokingly reply. They never believe her.

So I broke my wife’s neck? It sounds scary but it was not what you would initially think. First, let me set scene. We have this queen size ornate metal four-post bed with top rails; similar to what you can find in stores but this one I had a friend of mine who owned (past tense since he closed in the recession) a furniture manufacturing company custom make it from sold steel stock instead of tubing you commonly find in stores. Know it sounds like an S&M stage but we (I) had broken a second bed and I wanted one that would last longer. I love that bed but it’s now regulated to a guest room in exchange for a king sized bed.

Rough play is what you put into it. This night we were about 5-6 minutes into the act, toes of one of my legs hooked onto the sun ray piping design at the end of the bed, offering me more leverage in the missionary position. With each thrust I was slowly pushing her at an angle across the bed until her head was hanging off the edge of the bed. Grabbing her legs, I pull her back and flipped her over while lifting her hips up in a single motion. Now I’m slamming into her with her face planted into the sheets. She’s gasping in delight until as she puts it; she came, I came and it went. It was an audible pop but no immediate pain. Afterward I pulled the covers over and off she went to sleep. The next morning her neck was sore but it was a few days later when she began to lose feeling in her arm, we learned she had cracked her vertebra. All fixed, it’s now just an amusing life story.

We have an unwritten rule in our life together; do it with passion. This can be passionately passive such as sitting in the mountains listening to the wind blow through the valley or forgetting everything and everyone around us as we kiss. But, it is also can be animalistic such that to muffle her screams during sex, she will often lightly bite into my chest or shoulder. Knowing I have her at the edge when she does this I purposely push her further so when she bites hard, it’s really my fault.

So are we into “Rough Play” as an interpersonal dimension of sexual functions or dysfunction? No, I don’t think so. We’re just into the heat of the moment and sometimes that moment is hotter than others.

Let’s just say there are times when she wants to be ridden hard and put up wet!
Yamoo Yamoo
51-55, M
5 Responses Sep 25, 2011

I perfectly understand as my wife loves to be slammed hard during sex too. Sometimes she enjoys having her wrists held down as if she was being taken. She has a favorite position - on top facing her lover. While I am that average size package, her most recent lover is really hung. So o top she gets deep penetration and sometimes may have a pink colored discharge from her impaling herself on him. Nothing hurt, but certainly stuffed deep. My most memorable occasion was when she was being taken from behind by her lover, her *** high and face on the mattress. When he lost it, he slammed deep and held - her face in complete surprise - it hurt but she loved it.

Exactly Alleyes. A current favorite for her is me standing at the edge of the bed, she on her back at the edge, her legs on my shoulders, my holding her arms as I yank her toward me with as much of a jerk as possible with each thrust until she is SCREAMING! Love it.

Floor, grass, steps, truck bed, car hood, back seat, tree stump, chairs, sofas, against a wall, balony railing, etc, etc, etc! LOL

thanks for your stories and know there is a smile when reading. think you are hurting her nawh but know you better put out. which is a good thing. thanks Mist

wow! Be carefull bro. Just **** her silly and shower her with ***! Easy and safe.

"Why don't we do it in the road" lyrics from the Bettles has a whole different perspective when you're looking for a firm footing. LOL