My Wife Wears Diapers.

my wife lynn and i been marryed over 10 years i work she dosn`t.she so lazy she won`t do anything not even cook or clean house.shes also an alcoholic so i didn`t want or buy beer for her.becuse while i was at work she`d lay on the couch and got  really drank and wet herself.then i`d have to undress clean and redress her.before putting her to bed and then she`d wet the bed too.she had a plastic sheet on her bed and we slept in separated was like having a kid arund to care for i wasalso  getting tired of this and thinking about leaving her.then one day i came home realie to found her the the same way i always did.i ask her were she got her beer?she said her frends bought it for her.i told her she was going to stop drinking and start doing the house work like she was suppose to.she told me that  would never i told her i had a better idea but she wouldn`t like it.she told me to try her .so i told her i`d buy all her beer for her so her friends wouldn`t have to.but when ever  she was going the drink she`d have to wear diapers.she first looked at me with a surprize look on her face before smiling and telling me if i bought and put the diapers on her s then she`d wear them.then i was surprized i never ithought she`d do or even go for the next morning i got up earlie and went shopping for deer and diapers.when i returned home i ask her if she remembered the deal we made?she said she did although she thought she was just dreaming. but she let me remove her pants also her panties and replace the with a adult dispoable diaper.then i ask her if she`d like to get drank faster? she shook her head put her beer a a baby bottle and handed it to her.she grab it stick it in her mouth and begin drinking it.i`d keep her checked and change her when she needed to be changed. when i ask her what she feilt like being dressed that why ? she told me she feilt just like a baby.i even got lynns older sister lisa who enjoys bottle feeding and changing diapers to move in also to babysit for me when i`m at work or have to go some place i can`t take lynn.then one day we ask lynn  how would she like to be our baby girl she ask if that meant  having her own nursery with large baby furniture in it we  told her if that was what she wanted than yes it did. she agreedto we begin feeding her baby feed and turned the spare bedroom  into a baby nursery.we even got 2 large baby cribs and put one in our bedroom.where lynn sleped  at nights soit would be easyer at night to got up and give her a fresh bottle and change her diaper.before long we had no promlem removing the beer in her bottles and replacing it wih baby formula.we even  removed her adult clothes and replaced them with large baby clothes.that  was 6 months ago today lynn is incontinent she has to wear diapers all the time and have full time care.we even change her diapers in the back seat of our car or the women bathroom when out in public.when ask how old and what she is?she `ll tell you shes a 2 year old baby that lynns a baby  again she alot of work but shes will worth it we think so anyway.
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It's nice to see how an idear like that can turn into something really positive. I wonde if Lynn now sometimes does chores at home. Sometimes if people find a way for themselves they can handle other regular life stuff better.

What a dreamer :) LOL

I'm not much of a beer drinker but...

Wow how lucky you are I love the story

Great solution to the problem of her acting like a baby and not working. Love to try it on my wife, but it wouldn't fly...

thats the beginning of a good story, maybe you should write the whole story

yes lynn`s sister and i do love our now baby girl.we are also the mommy and daddy of her and a couple too.

That sounds great! You must really love this woman/Little Girl! Are you and Lynn's sister the mommy and daddy? Are you two now a couple?