Who's the Dad?

My sister just had her 2nd baby this month. She recently got married to a man in July of last year. Well, she got pregnant and had the baby. The problem was the baby came out dark as night with a head full of dark black hair! And her husband and his family are all blonde and Caucasian!!! I thought it was funny because her 1st child was Mexican and it looked like both of the kids were brother and sister! I feel like **** for the husband though . . . he still thinks it's his. No one's had the balls yet to crush his world and explain the situation to him. He thinks he can trust my sister but you can't. . . simply because it is not in her nature. She is a wild a**, there ain't no stoppin' her!

Southerner Southerner
22-25, M
1 Response Apr 14, 2008

Try this on for size...Remember to treat others the way you wish to be treated. Then start practicing some real deep self-Love. ( From the inside out) You have the Breath of Life and Love inside you - like we all do. Remember to Love, Protect and Share it with & for yourself & others. Also do the same for the Temple it resides in..Tour Body... Once you can do this the universe will forgive your transgressions. Your life will take on better choices. Your Creator has things in control more than you think.<br />
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LOVE & HUGS, livingwell