Unicorn (a Crazy Story)

Until two months ago, I was a unicorn.

Not a literal unicorn, but I wasn't rational at that time... I was "high as a kite", but not on drugs, but on imagination. More than that, it was a persistant, inescapable delusion, which I refused to face because I had no words for it.

I was human, in human form, but I also lived in a meta-form-al world, a world where everything was symbolic and intention over-rides the momentum set into play by previous times and external entities. Some people call it Gnosis (I think that's what Chaos Magick calls it), others call it Psychosis, still others, Spirtual Awakening.

All I know, is that I was definately a unicorn:

I had the body of a horse, powerful.
I had the ability to fly (although I didn't do it literally, I did it astrally)
I had the special power of healing in my bloodstream,
and I had a golden horn... the power of my sensuality and masculinity surging within me.

Yip, I was a unicorn... and I didn't even realise it until the spell had been broken and I was returning to "normal", rational-based style of living, bounded by the material world, surpressing of my wild imagination.

Imagination is awesome, but it shouldn't control you... it's a tool...

and although I enjoyed being a unicorn,

I'm happy to be a rational, stable man, again.

Taurusedi Taurusedi
36-40, M
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I am a Unicorn.