Lets Get Rid Of The Taboo

Okay so I'll begin with a question.
Is there something wrong with casual sex?
Why is it so impossible to talk about and why is it bad?
For example I am in the u.s navy and i travel all around the world, my profession keeps me on the move and I am rarely in a place for more then a couple of months at best.

So as a sexually active guy, lets review my options.
Date a girl wherever I go then break it off when i leave because long distance does not work.

Date the girl even after you leave and hope it all works out.

Go awhol and ditch the navy in guam, take a boat to japan, and run away to mongolia.

Find a nice girl who is comfortable enough with herself and with who she is to have casual sex with. Purely physical, so that neither of us draw emotion from the other. Then when I leave no one is hurt.

Now don't get me wrong, I am always looking for that one girl to take my breath away.
But I will also say this. After a night of casual sex, I am ready for world war 3.
Takes the edge of, great cardio, fun for both parties, and I promise I am a perfect gentlemen to the extent that I don't allow myself or her to fall for one another.

So I will end with a question. Is this wrong? Am I degrading a women if she is okay with it and knows what it is? I truly hope not. Advice, tips, comments, criticism, GO!
Henryps Henryps
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Nothing wrong with casual sex at all, Hps -- as long as your partner is in the same place. There are women from several cultures out there who, sadly, will agree to just about anything you say, still expecting it to last forever. So, beyond one night of fun, suggest you be very careful, respectful but clear about your intentions, both to your partner and especially to yourself. Otherwise, you and she could be in for some really hard drama and some lifelong scars. Several steps worse, but the same in some ways as the ones you probably know who signed up to serve in the Navy with starry eyes and big dreams, then woke up one morning, grabbed their p-coat, went UA, ruined their lives forever. Enjoy Guam, by the way; when your tour is up, you'll take away some great stories to tell at your next duty station ... and stay open to making that lifer commitment.

Thanks for the reply, I take your opinion very seriously Windlion.
I have had no problems yet, but having a younger sister and of course a mother I feel a sense of guilt. I do my utmost to be a perfect gentlemen and as respectful as can be but it's always good to be reassured and hear outside opinions.

Guam is wonderful, I have a friend stationed there and she loves it! I signed on with the typical four year active 4 year reserve, but I am almost sure I will be going for another contract, hoping for a special forces contract, SWIK, not, SEAL. But haven't ruled the lifer out yet!

Always good to hear from you, thanks for the advice, and happy new year to you and yours.

Thanks for your response! The last thing i wanted to hear was that i was being selfish or a jerk! I cant have any of that going around lol
Thank you for the compliment, it brought a smile to my face Grtgrl :)