My Random Stuff I Want To Do Someday List...

 *Go to Alaska

*Live in Wales

*Outlive a zombie attack

*Figure out what I want to do with my life

*Get a tattoo (actually I want a few)

*Lay on the beach in the rain

*Learn to fly a plane

*Learn to fly a helicopter

*Learn to ride a motorcycle

*Travel Europe

*Get somebody to teach me how to drive

*Read all the Cirque Du Freak books

*Get to level 50 on myspace Vampires

*Get a Scottish Fold cat and name it Rumpelstiltskin

*Own a 1970's Dodge Challenger with a 440 engine and a WHITE PAINT JOB!!

*Live in an apartment with my best friend and paint the walls awesomely

*Instead of going to school, get on the train and spend the day in Chicago. Don't tell anyone, no planning other than this!

*Search for Narnia in many a closet!

*Sneak into friends houses while they sleep and rearrange their furniture

*Have an Alice in Wonderland garden

*Walk up to 3 random people and tell them they look pretty then walk away

*Be in a movie

*Fall in love 

*Teach my BFF's children dirty language

*Create a comic *****

*Be in a zombie movie

*Keep mine and my BFF's senior skip day plans

*Convince my BFF to skip school with me one day

*Watch all the Flight of the Conchords episodes

*Make a short movie and put it on youtube

*Make a sequel

*Dye my hair red, purple and pink!!

*Give Cody a Mohawk

*Bring Cody into Victoria's Secret w/ my BFF

*Buy sexy underwear

*Meet a famous person

*Sing "We Get On" by Kate Nash to my BFF

*Convince someone that my name is really Jane

*Call Nate "Mr.Nathan" For a full week


That's all I got so far. :D

bananajane bananajane
18-21, F
3 Responses Nov 30, 2009

Yes raelynn88, there are, in fact I've been working on this list, trying to cross things off. I haven't crossed any off, so I'm not doing so good.

are there a few things in here you could start doing now ?

Ooh, a 1970 Dodge Challenger, white, with a 440 6 pack and the 4 speed. I think you have good automotive taste.