Seperate From My Goals!


I always think of things I think would be just great to have happen to me.

1. Right after xmas, I'm expecting my eldest girl to come home and go camping with me; something I know is going to happen that I am looking very forward to. But if I had a wish that would make this happening better then I know it will be; I would wish that before xmas comes, my son reads my book, comes to terms with how his life began, and comes home to go with me and my own on that camping trip. Bringing his own children with him! 

2. I would love for 'Overhaulin' to come fix the car I love. I always had this thought; That if holden ever bought out another car like mine, mine should be seen disappearing into donut dust, and the new model should be seen rolling out of it.......... But they never did make another like mine.

3. I would love to get up on stage with some of my favorite country music stars and sing with them.


logisticmosquito logisticmosquito
Aug 19, 2007