My Wolf Name

My wolf name is Nahimana, it's an native american sioux name, meaning "mystic"
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1 Response Oct 19, 2012

My god. A long time ago I was reo that name, I wrote a story of a native american girl who was a decendant of a very spiritual shamen who could transform into a wolf. Both the girl and the shamen's names were Nahimana. I have always thought it would be cute to name my daughter if I have one Nahimana, because the nickname Nahi is so cute.

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And think it's neat to see the name associated with others, and ironic too. Lately I have been writing and looking back at that story a few days ago reminded me of my love for that name. I've never found any other connection to a name before... I guess maybe it's a part of me, too.

yes, Nahi is a cute nickname ^.^