Stalking Darkness

I awake the air is crisp. I find it is early morning. All my senses are snapping and my body is twitching with excitement. I put on dark clothes( some of my wolf gear.) Wolf t-shirt with dark jeans, put my black hat on, my bracelet (girl power)and necklaces(peace and dolphins.) I put on my sturdy shoes, my fluorescent yellow vest and get my big dogs gear on with her orange dana. We take off and walk the mall lots around where I live. Darkness still envelopes the land and shadows shift and drift. Steam is coming off the puddles abit. We wander til we are tired and the twitchiness is gone. Home is then wandered to and we both sleep in front of the tv on my mattress me and the cloud dog.
Apartmentpyr Apartmentpyr
Jan 8, 2013