My Fetish And The Girl Who I Share It With

For a long time I’ve loved magazines, my favourites are the uk woman’s more trashy mags like hello, ok, new and gratzia. A few years ago i plucked up the courage to start buying magazines as before then i had to get my on what my mum and sister had thrown away, which was slightly awkward when my mum found a stash of about 10 when i was younger. I love the smell and the soft touch of the magazines, especially in hello there are some great models i can j**k with. The most important thing for me is the very back cover, it needs to have a hot add of some sort, perfume or Prada or so on, and this is the best part.
So I’ve always used magazines when i shoot my load i rap myself all in them, put one on my face to take in the sweet smell then put a sheet or duvet over me, as i het more excited i wriggle around and get very hot and sweaty so all the magazines stick to me, i can sometimes sleep like this, but its a bit hard after woods getting all of the ink off my skin!
There’s this girl i became good friends with and we started getting more and more open with each other, until we both sort of came out that we wanted to start seeing each other, not a girlfriend a kinda sex mate, it sounded so good when we were talking about it, we started talking about what we though we might like in the bedroom, i don’t know just a random convo, but i could not let the moment go un used. It took a couple minutes but suddenly i just blurted it out, about how i like magazines and what i do with them and how id always wanted to do it with a girl as well. She was quiet for a moment and i panicked and said, im weird aren’t i, she said no im sure a lot of guys do that its not weird, and then said she’d be happy to try stuff out with me. I don’t know if she was covering any thoughts up but it was the perfect response.
The next time we met up for our session or whatever you call it, she didn’t mention it at all. We were just starting when she told me to close my eyes, i did and then was amazed by what happened, there was a rustling and then suddenly she pushed an open magazine onto my chest and stomach. It was the best feeling, i looked down and it was a new copy of vogue, she must have gone out to get it specially. We came together and started doing our thing, the magazine was caught between us as it got more intense the magazine got all sweaty and stuck to us, iv never felt anything like it. When we were done she prized the torn sweaty and strong smelling magazine away from herself and me and threw it aside.
I hope that could happen again soon ;)
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18-21, M
3 Responses May 6, 2012

How did your mom react when she discovered that her son was reading her magazines??

still loving everything about buying, carrying, reading and 'enjoying' all the gorgeous magazines x

sounds awesome, it's good to see other people feel the same about magazines. I always thought I was strange :)