My Love Story

This is a story about my wonderful husband.  first of all wonderful is only a fraction of what he is to me.  He was my bestfriend for 2years.  He never tried to have sex kiss or hold hands in all that time.  We hung out and went places but you would think if you had seen us then that we were just friends.  he never dated anyone else in that 2 years either.  When we got married we still didnt act any different, except i had sex with him, got prgnant, and 8 months after the baby was born we got married.  he has been through alot of crap with me.  I had a lot of baggage when we first met.  More than most guys would consider taking on.  But he did, and that was proof for alot of people even me that he was the one.  We have been married for going on ten years and everyday is like the first for us.  The romance is still even there, well as much as it can be with 4 kids.  lol

he is a hard worker, he has great morals, he trusts in God and believes in him, he is a great listener.  He loves kids, one year a friend of mine was having a hard time with her finances and was not going to get her kids anything for Christmas.  My husband  didnt even like her because of the lifestyle she was living that time in her life, he took his paycheck and bought all of her kids there Christmas gifts and even bought her something.  She has three kids and we have four and were also struggling , but God blessed us that our kids got more than they needed and we were able to do the same for her kids.  He sees the good in everyone, He didnt like what my friend was up to , but instead of critisizing her he took it upon himself to feed her and her family and intermix the plan of salvation and taught her how to clean up her mess without making her feel like a piece of dirt.  they are now very good friends and she is clean and sobber for 3years now and teaches the young people in our Church.  He is always ther to help.  My husband works a third shift job, he goes to work at 10pm, and gets home at7am, i go to work and he stays up awake with my 4 year old until i get home.  He gets about 4 hours of sleep before he gets up to eat and go back to work, instead of keeping his weekends to himself and resting he helps me clean the house on Saturdays and goes grocery shopping with me, then we have family night on Sat. nights, He goes to Church with us as a family on Sundays and then back to work Sunday night.  he will stop what he is doing if someone calls him and need s him to help them move, of build something.  This is who he is , He cares so much about others .  He has a hard time saying no, sometimes i get angry when i feel like people are taking advantage of his kindness, but i see where god is taking him and i have to let that happen for my husband.  I love him so much , as do most of the people who meet him.  I have been blessed with many little things in my life but the greatest thing i could have ever been given is the chance to love and be loved my someone like him.  I thank god for him every day and never take for granted just how blessed i really am to have a man like this in my life, and the best thing is he  teaches my sons how to be the same way. 

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Not uncommon... My guy is like a guardian angel to me... Thats nothing compared to how i see mine.

Such a beautiful story. He sounds like a really good man. I get excited when I hear stories of men like this.

Blessed is a woman who has a loving and devoted husband .He is also equally blessed to have a wife like you who fully understand the husband.It is the children who are much more fortunate.This is the dwelling place of Lord Himself

Hello Lovebugg77, Well there is one thing , I can say for sure and that is .... You are so blessed of God to have such a wonderful husband. Praise God !!!! for him because it is hard to find or have such a wonderful husband like yours . Here is a scripture that fits your husband.<br />
Matthew 5:7 "Blessed are the compassionate, for they shall receive compassion.