My Wife Gets Off Seeing Me Wearing Lingerie And Dressed As A Gurl, Especially Out In Public.

Actually, i was fully dressed as a (t)gurl and out in public, when i first caught my wife's attention. When she came up to let me know that my "underwears" were sticking out and in easy view. I promptly thanked her for being so considerate. In doing so, i had made her feel comfortable enough to satisfy her curiousity, and ask me why i was wearing "that kind of underwear". Having grown up being diaper dependant 24/7, i had no inhibitions about anyone seeing that i wore diapers or talking to anyone about them. So, i told her all about how i was raised and why, after my mom passed away, i had decided to go exploring the rest of my life as a "gurl".

Well, one question led to another, and then another. long story short. She was so surprised that i wasn't a real (gg) female, and yet so happy living as a gurl, diapers and all. That she invited me over for dinner, to learn more about me. And, the more she did, the more she found herself becomming more and more "excited" about me.

Anyways, we've been "married with children" for almost 17 years now. And, my wife continues to enjoy the arousal and sexual satisfaction she gets from seeing me diapered and dressed "en femme". Especially when we go out somewhere. And, although i've had to make some adjustments to my feminine lifestyle, for the sake of the children. That has only made us become more discrete. But as the kids have gotten older, and matured enough to understand things, We've been able to share more about my past and i've been able to gradually return to being more of the "gurl" i used to be 24/7.

Thanks for bring this up. I always wondered if there were any others out there in a relationship like mine. If anyone enjoys corressponding or have any questions. Feel free to email me direct. As you can see from my profile and the pictures in my album here. I'm not ashamed, nor inhibited. Just enjoying a happy crossdressing life, with a wonderfull understanding and supportive wife.

God Bless and keep you safe.

AlanisAlicetoo AlanisAlicetoo
56-60, T
Jul 16, 2010