Morning Wood

I think I like where this has & is going, This morning my wife, asked me to "**** her old fashion style" I did and I liked it, she started with kissing my ****, then slowly put it in her mouth, it was so warm, i got so hard, she really got it to it, I think he watched me suck her last weekend when she ****** me, she realy loves me and i think wants to take the pleasure in our marrage to a new high, she is a good wife. She asked me if i enjoyed her mouth, i did..i did, i told her, she asked me "how do you want me" I told her lay on her side and i would **** her from behind, she smiled and did as she was told, she was wet, and my **** slid in so nice, she moaned, and told me to **** her, i grabed her waist and drove it home, she arched her back and came almost too quikly, i can **** her for a while, shes had 4 kids, then i told her get on top of me, she did as she was told with a smile on face, she has a nice set of DD **** she just had put on 18 months a go, she she layed down on me and slid down on my ****, with she legs spred wide, she started pile driving her *** on my ****, i grabed her **** and started sucking on the nipples, she ****** me, i wraped my arms around her waist and with a *** in my mouth, i felt something, i was going to ***, i was going to *** in her, I have not cumed in her in like 10 years, I'm fixed so its not a bad thing, its just not eazy. I exploded in her, bucking, she came at the same time, we fell in a cuddle and rested, she asked me if i like that, I did..i did. she told me. she liked our love life, and that she would be happy to do me next time.
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May 22, 2012