Wonderful Wife of a Cross-dresserher

 When I 'came out' about my cross-dressing, my wife was not at all phased by the revelation. Her attitude was that everyone has their own special needs - "Mine is gardening and Garden Centres" she said.  She is also quite pleased because we both wear the same size and we can share a wardrobe - she gets more new clothes this way. When I am a woman around the house, I love to do the housework and keep the place looking good - something I never did before - and she finds this is another big plus.

We both like having smooth bodies and we 'de-fur' each other using Sugaring - this is like waxing but less painful. I can let you have the recipe for making the Sugar mix - it's a lot cheaper than buying it made up.

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I too have a wonderful and understanding Wife who I told about my cross dressing BEFORE we married. It's a long story that i will go into later but suffice it say we are best girlfriends and spouses and I am constantly thankful for Her being in my life. Not only has She accepted me but in doing so I have and that has changed my life in so many ways. She even thanks me when i completely dress up for Her because She knows how long and how much effort can go into it. We spend the evening as any two Women would chatting it up and drinking some wine with me probably massaging her and we may or may not head to the bedroom. I of course enjoy those times the most but it is totally on Her terms as it should be. I have in many ways become Her Wife and am proud and fortunate to be so. I just love the moments before She gets home from work because I hope I have pleased Her with my appearance and that i look sexy to her . When She says "you look beautiful" i just swoon and am in heaven.

My Wife does not mind me wearing SILK FRENCH KNICKERS, she encourages this.<br />
It she thinks keeps me away from other girls, as they would see me as a queer.

Great to have an understanding wife. Mine just bought me pair of 5" heels and ear-rings for Christmas. Last nigt I wore bra, corset and stockings to bed. She gave me one of her knickers to wear and then *********** me as I sucked noisily on a *****. I filled the knickers !!<br />
Love to have recipe.

I need that recipe please. I would love to give it a try. Kudos to you and your wife. You guys sound alot like my wife and I.