My Better Half Is Better For Sure

i told my wife to be i was a bysexual crossdresser shortly before getting married. she was understandably shocked. several weeks went by without any coment from her. i thought she had put it out of her mind. then we went to a lingery store to buy her a teddy for the honeymoon. during the shopping she asked my opinion on every item she liked, color, size, fit, she even modeled them for me. needless to say i was very arroused. finally she found what we both liked. at that point she said to the sales woman. I want this one in peach size 1 and a size ten in pinck for my fiance. i was turning beet red. i didn't know what to say. i gave a silly laugh and must have said something because the lady got my size and put it together. after we left the store, my wife told me she liked having a "girl" to go shopping with. after that we always go together to buy my stuff. she gets to approve if it looks good or bad. one great advantage is that i still get very arroused when we shop. we head home as fast as possible after shopping.

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that is so true. i always like her shoes better than mine. in my size they are not very pretty. i also have a problem walking in high heels. wife always knows when i wore hers

Yes truly a wonderfull experiance. Letting my spouse know was the best thing I could have ever done. I'll trade off the little thrill of hiding to do it for the better thrill of getting to stay dressed and stay in my girl clothes longer. And after she found out,,,, We got to go shoe shopping for both of us,,,,,, She found out why her shoes in the back of the closet where always stretched and deformed.........guilty as charged..