I don't have a Yahoo account. Why? Because Google is way better, of course. 

I think gmail is the best, at least it is for my needs. I've tried all the major email accounts at one point or another. I have a hotmail address I've had since 1996, but I just prefer gmail. Their spam filter is really good and I I  enjoy using the  google chat feature. I like the ability to chat within my mail account, and save the chats if I want to. I even have the google chat application on my Blackberry. 

I also like google's search engine, and google maps. I have the Google maps application on my phone as well, and I think it is easier to use than the GPS in my car. 


Love the Google. 

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6 Responses Dec 3, 2009

Here's a bemol to the story of blatant superiority of Google. We trust them to do good and for most of us, that's enough.<br />
I also have a google account, heck, I have many and I use the forward feature to keep my head above the water. However, I'm willing to go a little paranoid with it and to remember that all that free service can be taken away any day, for any reason... I'm thinking of using another service to mirror my primary gmail account so that if something was ever amiss, I wouldn't lose my contacts, my mails, my documents.<br />
I really love you Google, but you come with a warning.<br />
<br />

This isn't what the story is about, but who cares? It's my story.<br />
<br />
I sleep naked and have since I was a teen, but I gotta say i disagree with you. I think there are a lot of reasons to wear clothes at home. Maybe not a formal outfit complete with shoes (I never wear shoes at home!) but clothes serve a purpose, I think.<br />
<br />
Cooking naked isn't really a smart choice. Even eating hot food naked doesn't seem safe to a klutz like myself. I drop food on my shirt constantly. I don't want a hot noodle on the nipple. That would hurt like hell. <br />
<br />
I'm currently sitting here in sweat pants with my robe wrapped around me. It is freaking cold, and I can't afford to heat the house to a temperature that would allow for sitting around in the buff.<br />
<br />
Also, I don't really like the idea of sitting around on my furniture completely nude all the time. Not that I have a dirty ***, but,...well I decided I don't want to get into it, but suffice it to say that I own a vagina. Also, I have leather furniture (that I hate) and it is cold in the winter and I'd stick to it in the summer. Just some clothes for me. Maybe just a t-shirt if my kids aren't here. <br />
<br />
I don't really have an issue with my boy's seeing me naked, but if anyone is going to be running around with a naked *** it is probably going to be my 4 year old.

You got that right. Google blows the other guys out of the water.

Hahaha, thank you. It really does not make a lot of sense to wear clothes at home anyway. Years ago Yahoo and MSN did not care but they seem to have climbed up on a high horse. Google has become the favorite search engine world wide and has even made Microsoft sit up and take close notice.

I didn't know that. About the nudity, that is. Here's to googling naked!

I have to agree 100% Google not only is better they are open minded and understand all people are different. We are avid nudist and do not believe in wearing clothes. Google has no issues with us having our naked pictures on our profile yet Yahoo and MSN says yes, it is YOUR account but WE are going to tell you what you can and cannot do.