Yahoo Is Awesome

am kinda new in experience project..i want to write this as my first is awesome.
DecoSLiM007 DecoSLiM007
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

R U NOT WELL? Esp completely incompleate! I hear & get that! I know this was 2yrs ago,have any of u change ur minds about yukhoo? Moderators & yahoo are all yahoo's! The mail there isn't real mail it's all a fake set up for their pwn purposes,also there's 0 privacy as well as easy to hack etc...Moderators constantly report users & are whacked! They are on 24/7 & removing our good post as well as deleting them all! They are simple ppl w/out a real life & hobbys etc..Freaks thet are worse then any troll out there! Yahoo take s those cowards & morons word over us & also they lose/lost many milloins of ppl,there lost! I believe it's a scam,if your not part of the rat low life team/s,they u lose your accounts. Uck em all & i will be forever slamming them all over the www.! SOOO whenever ya'hoo & all 'think' it's another reg.user/hater thats deleting your A&Q think again! Pass it 0n~

I would definitely agree with that. There's no other email accounts i would prefer.