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When you trust someone, you'd go a step further, to knowing each other.
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I agree and I also have yahoo as well.

Please add me and I will add you on yahoo. Send me a message on here.

Oh, sorry CoolKid, my Yahoo account is on vacation and does not reply to any messages for the time being. We can always have chat on here, if that's ok with you.^^

Ok that is fine. Will you add me on yahoo sometime?

more than that. the nature of IM allows for something of a conversation in real time.

agreed. And it's the classic way.

just people and words and ideas :-) and the occasional webcam maybe..


I have one for my regular friends and one for my EP friends. The two will NEVER overlap. The first group has no idea of the things I do in private that my EP friends can read about. Only those in the EP group have ever seen me on webcam.

Really? EP only EP friends, aren't they fortunate.

Well stated and so true. And when there is chemistry, it's so easy to get to know someone. Trust builds and it never ceases to amaze me how trust builds faster with some than it does with others, even though it does build with those "others" I mentioned, but just not as quickly. There are people that you just like the minute you meet them or that you just know you will like when you do. And then trust just seems a natural thing. <br />
Or that's been my experience, anyway.

Thanks CGF for your commenting. I enjoyed reading them.

And I enjoy making them... to you. Glad you like.

So have I, and it has many uses.

Yes for interacting purposes.

not sure if i have one or not! is that the same as messenger?

It could be anything outside EP. Take your pick. teehee^^ But I use Yahoo!

I have an account on Yahoo! as well, but I rarely use it.