Yahoo Vs Hotmail

I think Yahoo was my 2nd email account.  I realised  when I switched ISPs that I'd have to keep telling people about my new email address if I chose to use the ISP email account as my main account.

Since then, I've had several Yahoo accounts.  I help people create email accounts sometimes and initially they'll go to Hotmail because someone's told them to get a Hotmail account.  Of course, there's a major brick wall with Hotmail.  If you don't have an email account already, then you can't open a Hotmail account.

So I tell the person "Try Yahoo.  They don't require you to have an email account already".

I'm getting better at remembering to ask them initially whether they have an email account already, so we can skip the whole Hotmail bit.

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Since then, I've discovered that Gmail (Google) is another option for people who don't already have an email account.  It's good to know because the library where I do volunteer work seems to have trouble accessing Yahoo sometimes.

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I agree. Spam seems to be less of a problem than it used to be. Each time one of those undesirable emails slip through the cracks I report it by clicking on the "Spam" button. I don't have to do it often now.<br />
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My current ISP email account doesn't get any spam, but I think that's only because the company isn't large enough to attract the attention of people who are producing the spam.<br />
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I use my Yahoo account for job applications and for keeping in touch with family.

I opened a Hotmail account, but don't use it b/c of the frequency of Spam. With my YH account, there is very little unwanted mail.

Thanks, Fleurina and DeadsyDreams.<br />
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I knew there were still some people on EP who read things before they post :-)

I've found that my hotmail account gets a lot more **** offers than my yahoo accounts ever did. Also, if yahoo gets spam now, it all goes into the spam folder so I don't have to deal with it anyway. I love yahoo more than I'll ever love hotmail.

Good point koalaguy!

Spam usually finds its way to any email account.<br />
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I pointed out why Yahoo was useful, but in case you missed it, I've had clients who needed to have an email account, but they didn't have access to the internet from home, thus they didn't have an email account to use during the "sign up" phase of Hotmail. Yahoo doesn't have that restriction.

What the hell is so great about yahoo? I had a yahoo account , and all I got was hundreds of **** offers I didn't want. My inbox was flooded with this crap , and no matter how much I deleted , I got more and more. So don't tell me yahoo is great. It sucks!