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I love my little brother to death but that may not be too far away for him.  He spent the last 4 years in prison (age 19-23) and just got out in February but is already screwing up and drinking a lot.  I'm a recently sober alcoholic and nearly my whole family has issues with alcohol.  He can't control it but he's young and thinks he can.  He's already had two car accidents, both late-night, and one totalled his car.  Monday night he claims he was drugged by some girls at a bar.  He said he woke up the next day (missed work) and didn't remember anything.  He is still on parole and takes drug tests so I think he's making up this story so he'll have some kind of back-up if he fails.  Anyway, I love the kid to death but he's a handfull and I worry about him.  I wish he could realize he can't handle alcohol before it kills him or sends him back to prison.
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Well, I haven't updated this story but he got a DWI and is back in jail. Thanks for your comments. I know from personal experience that you can't really do anything solid when someone is screwing up their life. You can't do anything to stop them but you can speak your mind and I think that is important. I wish more people would have reached out to me over the years instead of waiting until I sobered up to say "yeah you were ****** up". My brother knows where I stand, I let him know when he got out the last time, only once. I'm not going to preach but I will say what I believe so they know that I care. There is too much uncaring in the world and part of that comes from people refusing to say something to someone who is screwing up their life. Amazingly, my brother is probably going to win his DWI case. There is no BAC evidence and the video tape shows no stumbling or anything. The attorney says they likely will win. My brother swears that he's going to quit drinking when he gets out again. God I hope he does.

Wise words and so very true, how many people did you ignore before you came of the drink, its the same thing, the penny hasnt dropped yet with your brother, it will take something drastic to happen to shake him in his boots, I think you have to stop being so emotionaly involved, it will do him no good, nor your self. If he gets hungry then feed him, if he is thirsty then give him a drink, only give him what hes entitled to, give him nothing for free, love dont come into it, he knows you love him, let him burn his candle out, the sooner the beter, what will be will be, Unless you are willing to keep him under lock and key at your house, then let him be, he is unaware of your pain, save it for when you need it. take care.xx

I am sorry to hear about your brother.<br />
It must be so frustrating watching him do this to himself.<br />
It is hard, when you know that they have potential to live a good life. I hope he can bring his life around and be happy and healthy. Please take care of yourself.