I Have Two Of Them

I also have two older brothers and a younger brother my little sister is 19 and a year and a half younger than me and always trying to beat me witch is ok because i think it is sweet that she wants to beat her older sister and my baby sister is 11 and sh is 9 years younger than me and the baby of the family and boy does she get treated like it she is so cute but she gets so upset when we treat her like the baby of the family she hates it when we tell her no even when her older brothers and sisters got to do it at her age because she is the baby of the family and my dad is over protective of her it makes her so mad she also hates being called baby names or being baby talked to lol she is lucky though because she was born after all the trouble in our family was over back when are family was being attacked on all sides from my grandparents my mom and dads family and everyone else so she is the most socially adjusted one of the family and possibly the sweetest member
fae430 fae430
Jul 24, 2010