My Sister


I have a younger sister, we differ 2 years. The first 18 years of my life we were always fighting. Since I left home we are best friends.... So probably I was the problem. Does anyone recognize this?


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2 Responses Oct 18, 2006

I have to empathize with this situation. My sister is 2 years younger and she the person who understands me the most on so many levels. I was a huge bully and not very nice to her when we were growing up. (Like you, the first 18 years.) Our relationship was better when I moved out.<br />
I dont necessarily feel the "problem" was me, as much as I felt that both of us needed our space to develop in our own directions. When you are so "close" in age, proximity, experiences, etc... you start to feel constricted, trapped. And you will try to reject the other person to find your own space, your own freedom, your own voice... your own everything.<br />
I'm happy we had and continue to have a separation so that we can find our own paths in life. I can definitely relate to your situation.

Wow. That sounds extremely similar to my situation. My sister is also two years my junior, and although we've been getting along extremely well for the last three years it really took me moving out two months ago to bring us even closer together. I realized very quickly that she is one of the people, if not the one person, whom I care about the most in the world.