What Changed?

Growing up with my 3 year younger sister was a pain. She kept getting in my way, bugging me, and bothering my friends who came over. Tattling on me, and even getting me in trouble when I didn't even have the pleasure of doing anything wrong. We did not get along at all.

Something changed though when we both went off to college. Somehow being out from under the same roof and out of each other's hair allowed us to appreciate each other and get along. Since then we have become good friends and talk often.

I would have never predicted that happening when I was a teenager.
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2007

my sister hated me !!! when i was a baby and they brought me home from the hospital .. she thought i was just magically gonna be able to play with her .. well she didnt like the fact that i didnt do anything so she tortured me .. she bit my toes .. played hide n seek with me and hid me in the dryer .. she was just plain mean .. but now well not right now but typically we are best friends ..

Exactly what I experienced... so for everyone with a younger sister... there is hope!