Comical Sister-sister Moment. Must Read

My little sister is so hilarious. Her most known personality trait is that she LOVES food. And I mean LOVE. Lately me and my family have been working with her on how to eat a more balanced meal and healthy diet because she is starting to get pretty heavy and we just don't want to see excess weight take away from her quality of life. She deserves better because she is amazing.
So when baking a cake once, I told her that in Baking recipes you can substitute apple sauce for butter as a healthy alternative. She got really excited and replied
"Wow! Really? So does that mean a TASTY alternative for apple sauce is Butter?!"
She was so excited that I actually felt bad telling her that it couldn't. It was priceless seeing her light up like that. ha-ha.
She has a lot of moments like this. She's so funny because she doesn't TRY to be funny, she just is. I love her
Elaine19 Elaine19
18-21, F
Mar 23, 2012