My Little Sister

Hey everyone :)
I'm 17 and I have a 2 years old sister and a 7 months brother.
My mom gave me birth when she was my age and I have been only child for almost 15 years.
That means that everything was mine, that I had all the attentions on me and things like this..
Then one day mom was pregnant, she wanted to abort but then she told herself if I didn't do it long time back why should I now?
She kept it and 9 months later there was my little sister. Of course i have been jealous of her.. I know I'm 17 but my dad has a different relationship with her and I have never had it, maybe because he was young I don't know.. but I love her. She is a little angel that shines our days with her beautiful smile *__*
She calls me Ninny and I simply love it :)
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Awwww.. You know, you reminded me of my life. My younger brother was too born when I was 14 yrs old. Ha.. Ha.. I was willing a sister and got brother lol. Still you'll really love this relationship in future.

No longer an only child but a loving wonderful sister and daughter!