My Sister, My Rock!

I posted a story earlier about some of the struggles I've had in life, I haven't had it easy but I'm the luckiest lady in the world when it comes to my younger sibling. We have a bond like no two other sisters in this world.
She has seen me through every obstacle I have faced in life. What would have hurt me more than the physical abuse I felt as a kid would have been seeing my sister hurt so i'm glad it was me and not her.
I fell in love with someone who put he through so much pain and my sister saw and learnt through my mistakes.
Every now and again she tells me I'm her hero and when I'm down she tells me I'm strong, I'm still smiling after everything that has happened.
As said in my last story I've had suicidal tendencies nearly all my life but last February I was driving home hysterically, planning out in my head how I was going to finally end it, then I thought of my sister and how she would be/feel if I did do it, so I drove to her and I told her exactly how I felt and she calmed me down, told me how much she loved me, told me if I ever did anything like it, she would never forgive me.
She is my best friend and also my angel x
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Im so happy you have a great relationship with your sister. Please hold her tight for me and never let her go. I have an older brother who got shot in the head (I wrote a story about it). Me and him are two halves to a whole. Ive never been complete since his accident. I would give anything to have him back the way he was but we have no choice but to move forward in life and accept it.

You are so lucky! She deserves a lot of love and credit :)

Thanks, I know!!! She does get a lot of love and credit :)

Awesome!!!! It is great that you have that relationship.

I'm very close to all my family but she is amazing :)