i was blessed with an older...

i was blessed with an older sister and brother and a younger sister and brother. Emotionally i feel closer to my younger siblings, and consider both of them not only as family but as friends.

My younger sister and i are very different, but are differences compliment each other. Actually my younger sister (5 years younger) totally amazes me. Nothing can stop her. She sees something she wants and get out of her way!! Her self-esteem is healthy and high and never arrogant. She is a bright women with an endless amount of energy. She meets and keeps her friends for a life time, she is always on the go. A party truly doesn't start until my sister gets their.

Now like all people she too has her flaws and one in particular that scares me a lot. We grew up with a very abusive alcoholic, and in my opinion, and some other family members opinion, she does have a drinking problem and that makes my heart ache. all 5 kids, since we grew up with an alcoholic have taken 1 of 2 roads. 3 of us maybe drink 4x a year, and even than it is maybe 2 glasses of wine. Than my younger sister and my older brother unfortunately took the other road and have drinking problems.

I know that both of my siblings with drinking problems do have the ability and fortitude to change this ugly pattern, but also know it will be when they are ready and not when anyone says they should. At least with my younger sister, her over frequent indulgence doesn't turn violent but non the less an alcoholic has a hard road a head of them.

My younger sister inspires me, is full of love, is probably the best friend anyone could ask for and has like all of us her own personal daemons. She married at the age of 40, desperately wanting to start her family immediately due to her age, unfortunately she found that she would not be able to conceive for medical reasons, so when people look at her and think WOW now she has EVERYTHING, i know that they are wrong. Her disappointment in her reality still aches in her heart.

Also, since we all know that no one goes through life without battles, at the age of 13 she found out she had cancer, luckily a form that had a high recovery rate. but who wants to hear the c word at any age let alone at the tender age of 13. Well since her operation, and luckily other than having to take medication for the rest of her life, she never had to undergo either chemo or anything, and since her operation she gets checked yearly for her cancer, but she has been cancer free since it was removed.

You can probably tell that i could go on and on about my lil sis, but i wont bore u anymore and CONGRATS if u actually read the whole thing!!

AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
May 26, 2007