Well, Half Sister.  But S...

Well, half sister.  But she was adopted by another family and told me I abandoned her so I guess I'll have to change my answer to "no."

When she was 7 and I was 14 she was put into foster care.  She was a wicked little monster.  She would steal things like sugar and hot cocoa packets and hide them in her underwear, she took a stool after our half-brother in my biological mother's house.  She once spit at me through a hole she had dug into her bedroom door.  Finally she went to school and told the teachers that my bio mother's husband beat her so CPS came out a couple of times to her house and to mine (Granny watched her a lot)  and one day Granny just asked her if she wanted a new start with a new family and my sis jumped at the chance.

They ended up letting my aunt take her in for a while, but she just kept up with her wicked ways while she was there so my aunt gave her up too.  My cousins didn't need that kind of influence/torment.

My sister was adopted by the next family that took her in.  I guess I'm thankful they could handle her.  She was just too much for us. 

Recently, I came into contact with her through MySpace.  She was the one who added me on her friends list.  So I sent her a message and she sent me one back saying I abandoned her and she would never abandon her little brothers.
I wasn't nice in my reply.  But I can't say I regret it.  She is just like our mother.  Always a victim.  Always "poor me, the world owes me something...no, wait, everything." 
I don't understand the logic behind accusing someone who was 14 at the time of abandoning someone.  Like I really had a choice.  Or like she ever cared about me anyway.  I never had anything to give her, and that's how she was raised= Give me stuff or I don't want anything to do with you. 
So sad, such a waste.

She and our one common half brother are in touch.  He's in touch with our mother constantly too.  So that kind of drives a wedge between us.  I'm sure they'll both be at his wedding.  So will my former friend that said she screwed Eric.  But I WILL be at my brother's wedding.  I have to, I love my brother.
(And, the others think that they're enough to keep me away; gotta let them know they don't have any power over me)
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It's good that you recognize the poison influence of your sister and mother. The accusations that you abandoned her are ridiculous. I hope you have an amazing time at your brother's wedding.