I have two sisters, well, I have three biological sisters, but the youngest of them was put up for adoption, I will never ever get to know her =[

But, I guess two is enough.  I have one sister that is 16, I call her my b**chster.  Because that's what she is.  I love her, for reasons that many people would not understand, because she is really not a pretty person on the inside.  On the outside she is hot and all the guys fawn over her, but she is very rude and egotisitical because of her looks.  But we have experienced 16 years together, and have alot of memories.

I have another sister who will be two on July 27th.  She is the cutest little thing.  I love her to death.  I like to put her in a cute dress and watch her, she'll walk around with her hands on her hips.  She is just now learning to say my "name", she'll say Sissy or get out a "Bree".  Now I have to stop writing because I'm going to start crying from missing her.

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Mar 14, 2009