Venting About Tera

Tera is my little sister - shes not really that little, she's 23.  As children we were very close, and we still are in alot of ways.  We do get on best when we don't live under the same roof - distance helps us appreciate each other I think.  I have a problem at the moment where we don't have that distance - Tera broke up with her boyfriend and moved home - she's been here about 2-3months.  She is moving to Australia at the end of the month - we will have a whole ocean between us to help us appreciate each other!  And it really couldn't happen soon enough.

Now, I know this will seem petty to many of you but I need to vent.  I know I'm lucky to even have a sister to **** me off.  But I still need to blow off some steam.  Deal with it.

We don't eat dinner until really late because we wait for Tera to come home from work.  This means I sometimes get hungry.  Max and I went to the supermarket and got a packet of fancy chips and expensive and very delish dip.  We ate about a third of the packet and put it in the pantry.

The other day I was preparing dinner, she came home, heading for the pantry, grabbed the chips and dip saying 'Yum these look good' and started munching away.  I said to her 'You could ask before you help yourself' to which she responded anything in the fridge etc was free for all.  I told her that they were mine, that all she had to do was ask.  She said she didn't know she should ask because she didn't know they were mine as I hadn't written my name on them.  (Right, so Im supposed to put my name on my food! Nup, no way. There really wasn't anyone else they could have belonged too - there is only Dad and he doesn't eat stuff like that and she knows it.)   I didn't bother continuing to argue and she kept right on eating without asking.

The rest of the packet was put in the pantry.  Today, while I was at work, she ate what was left.  She said to Max 'Yay I can eat these without Aurora telling me off.'  (Now he really should have had a go at her but he's a push over). 

So whats her excuse this time when she knows full well they belong to me!?  Who knows?  No point arguing about it because she's only in the country for another week and a few days.  Grrrrrr its just so inconsiderate.  I wish it was an isolated incident but it isn't. I hate that Im so powerless to make any sort of impact on her and show her how wrong she is to behave like that.  I don't think she will ever change.  How can we have had the same upbringing and yet be so different like that?

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PriestAzrael - You are right in that she does it coz she can get away with it. As for putting her in hospital... a bit extreme, shes still my sister and that still means something to me. Appreciate the sharing of the angst though :)<br />
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Scoobs - Freakin Awesome. Why didn't I think of that?? :) If I sprinkle them with Chilli Powder it will look like its just part of the seasoning.

I had an idea. First you take an open bag of chips. Then you take some hot sauce.... Well, I think you get the idea. :-P

she can get away with it thats why she does it she is a spoilt brat and likes winding you up. that were me i would of put her in hospital, but then again i'm horrid

Hehe I had a mini freak out and checked her profile - shes definatly not my sister phew!

it must have been someone else then

I don't think she's on Ep - if she is, I have no idea what her name would be - I don't think it would have the australis in the name though.

i think i used to have her on here as a friend. is she animaliaaustralis by any chance?

Thanks for understanding Scoobs. I keep saying that to myself too - only just over a week, I can do this!

That's just plain rude after you told her they were yours. And I know its not just about the chips, that's easily enough remedied, its about respect and doing the right thing. Hang in there AA, only a week or so to go.