How I Love To Wear Zentai Suit

I love to wear zentai suit from my childhood. At that age, I secretly saved money, bought myself a gym suit and wear it inside. Finally I was discovered by Mom, she didn’t blame me, and allow me to wear it in daytime. Thanks for her tolerant and understanding, she created my pefect figure.
Later on, I bought my real meaning zentai suits from online zentai store, it is full body. That day, when I got my parcel, I was really excited, can’t wait to take it out and put it on. It is made of lycra spandex, yellow , has the burnish like real silk, good elasticity.
When I put the back two-way back zipper rope all together, my body was shaking, from the head to toe, I was wrapped inside my zentai tightly. So comfortable. Still remember that was a Summer, really hot! My zentai even got wet. Actually, I intentionally didn’t open air conditioner, Sweat can make it more close to my skin, I like this feeling! Every cell in my body were telling me, they never so exicted. My hands touched my smooth skin, the waves of pleasure spread throughout my body…
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4 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Hello - your blog no longer works

I got a custom one made not too long ago...

Would love to feel it as well but my wife would think I'm a perve of I bought one. Not only that its difficult to get them over here. So. Its just fantasy for me to touch a woman in one