Wedding Dress Color With Four Factors

Wedding dresses color with four factors


    1, and the fabric is closely related to

The decision factors of clothing fabric color America, yarn, fabric, texture, color, pattern, same color dye in a variety of different textures of fabric, showing the luster will be different. Are high, such as silk fabrics for color absorption, reflectance. So colorful silk fabrics. Cotton on silk reflections were even worse, the coarse linen. From the point of view of the concentration of color, smooth texture, shades of difference between the larger, smooth silk reflectivity is certainly strong, light and dark shades of the bright wedding dresses nz and dark color gives the feeling of a big gap between the velvet is the diffuse reflectance material, the shades of difference should some.

    2, Consider a variety of materials, styling, the relationship between the expression

    The same pure red, in sparse Scotland, a fabric, it displays a calm, stable expression; silk fabric weaving gold and silver, is a luxurious and beautiful expression; Furthermore, if in georgette pure red can be plotted in a gentle, flowing character; in the resin on the fabric, it becomes a slightly brave the cold red, resulting in a cold, rational expressions. As a result, the red are identical in color science, there is a variety of fabrics, there is a wide range of expression.

    3, with the wearer's body, age, sex, color, etc.

Only by understanding these can be handy, targeted in clothing with a better performance of color in order to make the wearer more attractive against the background under clothing. Such as the body more fat with dark series, the older with calm colors; with contrasting colors between the color and the color can play against the background of the role.

    4, other conditions.

In general, it is usually also consider five conditions: the object, purpose, time, place and occasion. With the process, only to understand the personality of the wearer, the environment and the type of clothing, colors in order to grasp the overall direction.

    In short, the color of our bridesmaid dresses nz lives sad, through the senses to interpret them according to different objects and needs, clothing decorated with colorful, to give people different things to enjoy.



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