Doe She Know They Can See Up Her Skirt?

Some time ago my wife would do anything I wanted her to. She would wear clothes that let others see her **** or short skirts and let guys see up her skirt.
About 5 years ago she changed and said she was not going to be like that anymore. However, I still see her sitting in places and if there is a nice guy or sometimes even a nice girl looking at her I notice her legs begin to fall open abd I know she is doing it on purpose to give them a view up her skirt. When I first realisd she was doing this I asked if she knew the guy could see up there and she said I must have got it wrong. So, I now never say anything but love to se when she leans over and someone can see her ample 34dd **** clearly down the top of her blouse or is she sits somewhere letting someone see right up to her panties or bare puss.
We recently bought two new sofa and tried sitting on lots at the shops with the salesman. Whenever we got near some low sofas I would say try them and knew she would sit down and because of the height of them the saleman could sit oposite her and see right up her skirt.
We bought some very low one's and when we have friends around I always make sure the guy sist oposite her and know during the evening he will get lots of views up to her *****. It also means I sit op his lady and often get some good views myself.
I put a story on here about when we were shopping in Spain. My wife had short summer dress and no panties and sat letting a guy at one stage and then a girl another time helping her try on shoes........they must have been able to see her bare ***** clearly and I watched from the other side of the shop as they leant down to fit the shoes for her and then slowly looked up. She sat moving her legs around and feeling how comfortable the shoes were and gave them a spectacular view of her bare slit.
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my wife does the same thing :)

Yes please!

Love it!!!

I usually sit carelessly. I'm not quite brave enough to do it with no knickers on, but I do wear clashing knickers (bright red with a black skirt etc)! Makes me feel naughty and wet.

You're making me feel naughty and wet

Haven't got to IM chat with you though

I love it when guys and girls can see right up her skirt and especially if she doesn't realise it and gives a horny show to them.<br />
If you like doing it or like your wife to do it why not IM chat with me <br />
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