Wife Shows Off For Men

My wife and i were at a marina on the conn river and we were siting at the bar talking to a man sitting next to me when four gay men came in and he said were all into something and i said thats for sure. He said what are you into? and i boldly said the fact that my wife was not wearing panties under her short skirt.He said wow thats exciting and asked if we would like to go sit out on the porch with his wife and some others. We went out and my wife sat next to his wife and another friend s wife and we were standing across from them. It was not long before my wife was exposing the little v of pubic hair under her skirt and we both noticed and he loved it. My wife noticed he was looking and uncrossed her legs giving us a better but still yet hindered view. He was very aroused because my wife was talking to his and showing us her ***** and his wife had no clue. After awhile she wanted to watch the olmpics on the bar tv inside and she went in.My wife look at him and said do you want to see it better and he shook his head yes staring at her crotch, she leaned back spread her legs and exposed all of her very nice *****. We were loving it , she has small lips and they were closed and she shaves from the **** down leaving a small patch of pubic hair on top. She looked incredible and she just sat there talking to us and letting us enjoy her. As she became more comfortable her ***** lips started to separate and the view was exciting she started to slowly touch herseif and stroke her **** we were amased and excited. His friend came onto the porch and my wife never moved or stoped he noticed right away and i said to him as we were staring at her,my wife does not have any panties on hope you don't mind and the three of us sat there for an hour watching her stroke it , it was an electrifing experience one i will never forget.
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46-50, M
Mar 14, 2012