Abs ... As In Anti-lock Braking Systems?

Ahhhh ... you mean the muscles in your stomach! Yah, we all have 'em don't we? I mean, if we didn't, we'd just kinda flop over ourselves 'cause there'd be no muscle to keep us erect ... uh ... by "erect", I mean our bodies straight you naughty people you ;)

Wait a minute ... are you talkin' about those six pack mass o' muscle showing through? Ah right ... yes they're hard to get. I got kinda lucky 'cause I have a pretty good metabolism and then I just work on cardio almost everyday and do some free weights and voila ... they show up eventually! :o

Now if you wanna see 'em, then you'll have to ask ma wife though ... 'cause well, my abs belong to her, ha! :p
AliveToThrive AliveToThrive
36-40, M
Sep 5, 2012