Is It Real? Or Just A Dream.

***Animal cruetly triggers***

I've been having dreams about my uncle laltely. My mom has 7 brothers, this one is stranger than all of her brothers. He's the second oldest brother ( I think) and he acts more childish than all of them. He says strange things to my sister, like sexual things and me sometimes. I always got a sense that he did something to me as a kid. But I don't remember it. My brother had a mental breakdown and said that the same uncle did something to him. He hasn't told me, but now I'm starting to wonder. Maybe the pieces of the puzzle will start to fall together.
One night, I had a dream about him. I was at a party at my grandmothers. My sister and I were getting ready. I was curling my hair. This is weird because I have very short hair in real life and my hair used to be curly like that when I was a little girl. My sister was getting ready too. We came out to the party and my creepy uncle was there. He said something sexual to my sister like, "I don't like my women to be X." He said something like that to me once. He said "I like my women with a little fat on them. You're too skinny." Was 11 at the time. I look back on that and wonder why my mother said nothing when I told her about it.
Anyways, when he made a sexual comment at my sister, I flipped out. I started yelling at him. I was yelling so loud I couldn't breath; I was having a panic attack. I sort of blacked out and had a dream. In the dream I was in a shed. There were a batch of kittens. I recall this batch of kittens, and my favorite one. My uncle had my favorite kitten. He strangled it in front of me. I watched as it's body went limp. I came back to the present time in the dream and said "I had a flash back." I awoke later that day, but I didn't feel upset or freaked out by the dream. It was very disturbing, but I was just a little annoyed by it The rest of the day, I just cleaned the apartment. I felt like a robot without emotions. I don't know what this dream was, or if I just imagined it or if it was something that happened. When I recall those kittens I remember my uncle telling me that they died.Today I admitted to myself that it might have been real. I had a panic attack, I couldn't breath. I cried so hard that I thought I was going to pass out.
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Maybe you dreamed about it because you were thinking about it. If you call a psychologic or psychiatric help they can help you to know. They have tools to make you remember if that really happened.<br />
Even if it didn't you should get some help on your panic attacks, because it can happens anywhere at anytime. There you would learn how to control them and that's important.

Our minds can shield us from things that are traumatic ,unfortunately it also can do exactly what you are describing when a situation arises that recalls similar events .