I Was Abused

The first time that I can remember being abused was when I was about 3 years old. I was born to my parents who were 18 when they had me. I lived with my dad, his mum and brother. His brother, my uncle was 15 at the time. He was baby sitting me and I was in the bath. He crouched down beside me and told me that we were going to play a special game. I wasn't allowed to tell anybody. He said that it would just be between us. I agreed thinking we would play a cool game. I watched him as he took off his clothes and sat down next to me in the bath. He began to touch me, tickling me to make me laugh. He then said it was time to get out and he needed to dry me off. He started to touch my private parts and had me rub against him. He rubbed the towel so hard against me that my private area was red raw. He then put me to bed. My dad and grandma said that the rash would have been nappy rash as I wore one to bed still. He had played that game until I was about 7 or 8. He began to come into my room while I was sleeping and he would rape me. I still remember the foot steps then his hand placed over my mouth. It would happen usually once a week until I was 12. It was then at school we had a talk with police about child abuse and I realized how bad what he was doing to me and it wasn't normal. I told him that I was going to tell my dad about what he was doing to me. He began to hit and punch me. I remember screaming. One of the neighbors heard me screaming and called the police. When they came I had passed out and he was raping me. My uncle went to jail for two years. Later that year my grandma passed away from cancer and I moved away with my dad to start over. I have been in therapy since then and suffer nightmares and flash backs. I'm now 16.
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What the **** is wrong this this world, you get 50 years in prison for sharing music online, and 20 years for murder..., 3 years for murder if you are in the military, and 2 years for child abuse?? What the living ****!!!!??? <br />
why not just cut his fingers and gonads off, that would quickly solve the problem, it would be a lot more effective and cheap!


Only two years???