Unfortunately Me Too

From the age of 8, I have battled with firstly bulimia and then anorexia.  I have over the course of 17 years lost 80lbs and became severely underweight.  I was severely malnourished and still considered myself to be fat and disgusting.  I have had a very long recovery period from something that has been very hard to turn away from, and something very hard to explain to someone that has never had it.  To me it was never about weight loss, but a sense of coping and control.  I abused laxatives, I made myself sick and I would go days on a limit of 400 calories but exercise in the gym for 2 hours to get rid of something such as 1400 calories, often making myself blackout. 

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1 Response May 24, 2008

I'm glad to see that you're still recovering because you're a wonderful person who needs a lot to offer to the world. We can learn a lot from each other as well.