I Took 50 Pills

Theres rumors about me at school. One day, i came home crying because one group of girls kept calling me a bunch of names. I went to my room and swallowed 50 pills of my sleeping medicine and hoped not to awaken. I was dead. My mom found me dead. She rushed me to the ER. They brought me back. Sometimes I wish I succeeded the suicide. But other times, Im greatful that Im alive because I wouldve missed out on the guy that Im truely falling for at the moment. And the new friends that i made at my new school. People see the cuts and burns on my wrist and ask me why. I answer " I didnt know life was worth living". I learned alot. But i do feel worthless at times. At least im not alone.
ImmaStayAnonymous ImmaStayAnonymous
13-15, F
Jul 13, 2012