Im a cutter I have so many scars. I do it for release. My meds help me not to cut. But for so many years cutting has been my friend. Sometimes just for attention. Other times I want to see how well I can make my scar turn out.I started cutting when I was 11 my daughter is now 12 and she is so much like me I think that she will also be a cutter Im tring to get her help but I lost my job 3 weeks after my twins were born and now we are victums of the state.I feel when Im getting the urge and try to take some xanex to calm down so I wont cut with having kids now I dont want them to be took away. I know I wont hurt them but since I hurt my self others think that I will hurt them.
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I am going to tell you how you can change your life! ;)<br />
You are a phenomenal being of light and pur just don't know it yet.<br />
Whatever has happened to you in your life you can get through it...TRUST ME. I have been abused, cheated on over and over, had abortions where I wanted to take my life life has not been an easy one but I have OVERCOME ALL OF IT and you can too.<br />
<br />
The first steps will be to seek counsel. I suggest a spiritual counselor. Maybe you can research a spiritual practitioner in your area..someone who will pray with you and teach you how to meditate and be still for clarity. Someone who can also teach you about affirmations and how to use them and how vital they are to saving your life<br />
The next step is to find a holistic health center in your area and go talk to someone there. They will teach you about toxins. The toxis in our body can cause depression, weight problems, cancer etc. These toxins come froma variety of things but mostly the food we eat and the products we use<br />
<br />
You need spiritual healing and to rid your body of will notice a difference trust me...<br />
<br />
Stay can do can do it<br />
You are phenomenal you just dont know if yet

I cut once. I'm a perfeccionist and had to make sure that there were 15 lines because I don't like even numbers.<br />
<br />
There are only 14. Their not straight and that upsets me. When I look at them I am reminded how imperfect I am.