For some who have switched religions or have started eating healthy, taking care of themselves, treating their bodies as temples.
To that I say, this what makes this country great, because I treat my body like an amusement park.
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That you do, take it easy tiger, lol

Why now???

It will catch up to you, you don't want to be old and hurting...

Hmmm, old and hurting...haven't paid a whole lot of attention to my current state of affairs? I am old and hurting, at least being an amusement park where people are free to get on and get off, I forget the emotional BS I'm in.

Oh believe me I know who you are and what your going through, and I'm proud of you, for handling all this turmoil, but remember our signed pact, I want you to be around for a LONG TIME...

Don't have a choice on that one, but if I stop now, I surely would kick it

Kick it, stomp it, and tell it to F--k off, yes I believe in having fun, you know me well, but sweetie when two people care about each other they want the best for them and you know very well how I feel about you, :)

I do. Still...I hope to be a ride till I die.

Well then make that a LONG ride, at least 30 years, friends like us are so hard to find, a beautiful bond, yes that's what it's all about understanding each other, **** you know me more then I know myself, and I almost know you, but your difficult, but I'll never stop trying to figure you out, I find you quite fascinating, your very unique...

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