I am so blessed to still be alive! For years I was a drug addict and alcoholic. The veins in my arms collapsed and hid under the muscles so that now, after being clean for over 7 years, the doctors can't draw blood using the usual procedure. Last time I had blood work done the nurses stuck me 4 times before calling in "the specialist." This person found a spot on the top of my hand to draw blood from using a special needle called a butterfly. It's really strange. I had hoped that my veins would return to normal after a period of prolonged sobriety, but it's clear that the damage is done and there's no going back. Back when I was using I told myself it was okay because I was still young and that eventually I'd clean up and leave the whole drug world behind. Now I'm reminded every single day of the choices I made. There's no leaving them behind.
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I feel you );

You left it behind. Good for you. I am impressed...

hooked on smack?

I dunno there's many terms for it. The boy, dope, raw, aka heroin.

yeah smack. im glad you kicked it, very hard to do.

Thanks! I'm glad too and it was extremely hard. Looking back it was an awful way to live. I'd rather die then go back to living that way.

Some blessings come with reminders.

I guess that's right