Cough syrup and/or OD'ing on (OTC) pain pills, taking at least more than 10 at a time to numb the pain.

Did it for a little while, not too long though.  Sometimes I'd do it before going somewhere I needed to be, just so that I'd feel something.  Mostly i'd do it at the end of the day and it got to a point when I'd look forward to doing it when I'd get home from being at work or school.  

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(((hugs))) thank you DD :)

Ha- Everyone who knows me tells me to watch "Dexter".<br />
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You are special. It is not what you DID but how you had the strength to correct your mistake that makes me like you so much. <br />
<br />
I like to read what you post each day because you are so interesting...DD

thank you newdaydog! :)<br />
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2Quirky, I don't do it anymore. I haven't done it in a long time. And I don't watch Dexter, is that something he says in the show?

You are just a baby girl. Cut that crap right now. Get high, definitely!!!..... but on sports, art, nature, beauty...<br />
& what is this: "just so I'd feel something"???? Do you watch Dexter?

Glad you stopped!<br />
A zoned out zombie wouldn't have been able to write such clever bits here on EP.

(((hugs))) I am careful, i haven't done it in a long time :)

be careful ok i used to take drugs when i was younger