Today my parents walked in while I was in the middle of cleaning my room. I was really proud of myself until my dad started telling at me telling me I was cleaning wrong. I came back with "Why does it matter how I do it as long as the job gets done? I just don't do things the way you do because we think differently, we have different minds." And you know what he said? He literally said these exact words "you will not "think what you want" in my house!" Wanna know what I'm thinking right now? **** YOU *******
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That's basically all the parents I've met. My parents, friends, gf... They always think you're doing something wrong unless they do it themselves.

Sorry to hear that. Sometimes we as parents forget that our children need more praise and encouragement than criticism. Find a time when you're both not angry and tell him how what he said made you feel and that your not only his child but a person who's needs and opinions need to be valued.

Every time I try to tell him he is upsetting me he gets even angrier which makes me more upset and then he threatens to call the police. Every ******* time.

Im sorry he's like that. My mom was abusive growing up, we still clash to this day, even sought therapy because she made me feel worthless and i was always seeking her approval but something my therapist said was vital to my healing "you're parent is the way they are they're not going to change, they're behavior is not a reflection of u". I kept thinking if i did things her way, she'd change but she never did. As much as it hurts dont let it get u down, be strong. Realize that ur worth, that no matter what ur a good person despite your ******* parent. I hope u know you're not alone. All u can do is move forward its hard when ur still dependant on a parent but one day you wont b.