My dad has recently gotten a lot more abusive, telling me to hang myself, making "jokes" about my self harm, hitting/kicking me and has even poured boiling oil straight from the fryer on me simply because I didn't put enough chips in.... He's constantly putting me down and is violent constantly, I really don't know what to do anymore :(
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Do you have any relatives you could live with?

Hello, sweetie. First of all Im sad to hear this. Have you spoken to any professional people about this? Coz it sounds that this isnt right.. Have you told anyone about this?

Things are in a cycle, things are good between me him when social services get involved and then when they stop things get bad again

do you still live with them? my gosh thats kinda hard, the social service people should focus on listening whats your side of the story, if it happened here in the UK,,, the kids will definitely live with a foster parent instead rather than exposing a child to this kind of environment. I can see as well that your on a critical age to handle this kind of situation. pls dont hesitate to send me a msg....

I am from the UK, but social services just can't see past the fact my dad is a good lier, he has a split personality and is very manipulative

My situation is similar except for the fact that my dad has never physically hurt me, but he has given me many mental disorders because of the mental and emotional abuse

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