I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this....but it rubs off on my clothes particularly if I sweat.

I have a white button down shirt and while of course the collar will get dirty...I'm pretty sure that the AN comes off on it because on my work out clothes another white shirt of mine is dark along the back (I have AN literally everywhere at this point, chest, shoulders, backs of knees, ankles, and the worst is my back) I have been told my case is very severe because I am overweight, but whenever I look up more information no one ever mentions this so I wonder if I'm just some sort of freak case
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You aren't, what happens is that AN comes with not just hyperpigmentation but hyperkeratosis too (an excess of skin cells) so they just pile up making the skin look a bit dry aside of dark, and with sweat some of the dead ones come off and of course stain your clothes.. it helps if you scrub with an exfoliative soap, and moisturize it afterwards. I do it daily and the skin has gone back to an almost normal texture (just the texture the hyperpigmentation or darkness is still there)

Well once I found a dark patch between my breasts..
I put a rough sponge to it and it came off so it might have been dirt
I have resently found (mine is not as severe and is going away now)
But still I have some patches ..
But anyway I have found that sometimes dirt will build up around my AN patches
And they get a tiny bit darker
And sometimes that "dirt" or dust or whatever rubs off on some of my clothes sometimes too!!
My only advise is to take showers more frequently ..I mean I take one a day (don't think I'm being rude please!)
But when I do take a shower
I try to scrub extra hard on those parts
It helps lighten it and removes the dead skin dust and all the other stuff
I really hope this helped
This is just my experience
Stay strong!