My Fate Is to Change the World

One day I am going to change the world. That is my calling, my meaning of life, my choice and my fate. Everyone knows that destiny has a calling for each one of us and that even just this website proves there is a reason for what occurs in life. Every person who has written a story has written it for a purpose and every comment was written for a cause. We are all affecting each other world wide just by being ourselves without walls. I am thankful for finding such a place where everyone can just respect one another without the drama of what she/he has or doesn't have. We all have experiences which need to be shared and explained sometimes. Now I know that my world is a world where you can walk down the street and talk to strangers about whatever is on your mind without fear. I know that our world can be an equal oppourtunity for everyone.

I am going to change the world and I hope you are all alive to see it but to the ones that will pass on before I do-thank-you for just hearing me out. I love the world for being so messed up sometimes. I am Smurf and this is my accepted fate.

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3 Responses Sep 23, 2009

Thank you so much for commenting even if just to remind me others do think in such a way-even for just a moment-it is enough to change the world drastically. I am optimistic often enough but I to have days where I doubt myself and my views...<br />
I tend to be a lot impulsive at the wrong times...need to help myself see when arguement is worthy and when tolerence needs to be excersised...

Thank you. It is what I truly believe and I would ahve it no other way.

Amen, great post