No longer cool.... more like I was never cool to begin with. Really though, that's okay I may have wished once or twice (okay more than twice while I was growing up) that I was at least a teensy bit cool but looking back upon those awkward years, I'm glad I was never one of the cool kids. I quite like being the dorky shy girl no one really pays much attention to.

I was never one for being the center of attention anyways.
MissKissMyFrog MissKissMyFrog
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1 Response Jun 3, 2012

you know, i also wished sometimes while i was growing up, that i was one of the cool kids, but even if i tried to kinda act a little more cool, i kinda didnt like it!! i was always the kind of person that had the attitude of "you take me as i am, cos im not changing myself to suit anybody", and im quite glad i never changed, cos like you, i've never been one to be the center of attention!!