10th Day-2nd Month-daily Ritual To A Healthy And Happy Life..

Today i am going about doing my daily routine without having to think of whats lacking in my life or what i have to change..After spending yesterday thinking and sharing with close friends of 40 years they revealed to me their ups and downs..Everyone has their stories and their acceptance to move on.Some even are still living in unhappy marriages or relationships.I realised that i am very blessed as i have much to be grateful for.
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Thank you so much for commenting..I am certain you will grow much through reading,sharing and commenting.Lately i learned by chance to chat online.I am new in computer knowledge and being on ep i learned a fair bit.Now i am committed to write daily because of my progress in my committment.All the best to your journey on EP and have a blessed day.

What you say is so true, unshakeable, of course human nature causes a lot of us to have to "see"<br />
longer than others. I came to EP to be helped and also try to help. It's amazing the many emotions<br />
I've experienced since being here and many did not even apply to my own probs yet in just the few months being here, i',ve improved in many ways just by participating in probs I did not think I had and I have read so many stories and would think about the writer and interacted in areas I never planned too. Ep is helping me a lot, but I still have too much of the "been there, done that" in me for to help me <br />
as much as I could use. <br />
I think barriiers are broken here and however "virtual" we are to each other in the real world, we form bonds here that help more than I could ever imagine possible. I wanted to voice a comment on your story but as usual took forever to say it. . Good luck in all your endevores(sp) and I hope I can accomlish as much.

Its friends like you and many others on EP that gives me the encouragement to move on.Thank you dear friend and have a blessed day.

Most of us unless forced never take the time to appreciate what is right there before our eyes. I wish you the best on this continued journey of appreciation =)

Thank you dear friend and looking forward to know you better and learn from your sharings.All the best to your studies.

Yes i agree.Its these stories that encouraged and inspired us to move on happily in life.Its also friends like you who cared to comment that makes my day too.Have a blessed day.

We never seem to realize how well off sometimes we are, until we hear other's tales, do we?.. so happy you are happy to day my friend...S